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Hello All:

As I get closer to launching my online course….  “HOW TO BUILD AN AUTHENTIC BRAND OF YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS” I am being as creative as humanly possible and yes positive in getting the word out about my course and also growing my email list.
I want to get my course information out to as many business owners as possible. Entrepreneurs need to know that help is out there for them, to learn how to  clarify their business for their clients. Lord knows, making the job of a business owner easier is ALWAYS a good thing right? You are all the business owners like me who need to communicate to other like minded people of opportunities and connections that might benefit each other. 
I am sending this announcement out to ask you a favour. How ballsy of me I know!! Can I add you to my email list?
I send out monthly newsletters of current information on branding  and photography how to's and news in what I am doing next. You may want to sign up for a course in the future or even better have a referral of another entrepreneur you know who needs some branding assistance that I can help them with. You may also need to book a photo session to update your photo portfolio of your business images. They may be getting tired, over used or out of date for your social media use? I can help you with all your business branding needs and images
All you need to do is reply to this post with "I AGREE".
Reach me at, at or call me at 705-309-7816
Yours Truly,
Carole Burdon
I Dream Of Trees Photography

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  1. If I may do the same? i am about to launch a once a month newsletter about Wellness on all levels.
    Ideas on how to take care of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical self. clean eating ideas etc.
    you can still sign me up if you do not wish to reciprocate but I hope you do 🙂

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