Bring Nature and Art into your Office

You enter your office at 9AM as usual to start your day. Something strikes you as feeling dull, uninteresting , unsettling as you hang up your coat and anticipate your day ahead, you ponder a while but just can't put your finger on the feeling.

As your day moves along you keep coming back to that feeling you had that morning. You look around…everything looks so dull and grey. It doesn't help that its grey outside and you have had your desk lamp on all day. You feel uninspired and unmotivated and really cannot wait for the end of the day to come.

Disappointed you grab your coat at day end, feeling disappointed. You really felt it was going to be a great day at work today. So what is wrong? Could it be the grey carpet, grey computer chair, black desk, white walls? You have no pictures on your walls, no colour, no excitement or motivation.

You need Nature or Abstract art pieces hanging on your walls to inspire you!

I Dream of Trees Photography specializes in nature and abstract photography. I can provide framed pieces for your office to keep with a colour scheme or picture theme of your choosing. 

Contact Carole Burdon, at I Dream of Trees Photography, Grow Vantage Grad #45. I look forward to hearing from you and revitalizing your office space!


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