Can you help? Has anyone crowdfunded before?

Looking for help to save a business…. This is a social enterprise who gives back to a worthy cause and has been able to increase retail sales…. but not enough to keep up with expenses.

Can you help with any advice on helping a GVer who didn’t qualify for government COVID loans or grants and will not survive past the end of the year. They did receive a loan to buy equipment – and owe money.

If you can help (a little guidance, or lessons learned?) I’d appreciate it. I saw a colleague many years ago use KickStarter – and at that time because they didn’t reach their goal – no money was received. I’m not sure if this is the case now but I remember that vividly.

Please email me at patricia@growvantage.com if you can help (or can introduce me to someone who can). Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Patricia Dent

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  1. If a kickstarter doesn’t help (I have no idea how these work), can we support this GVer by buying product or services directly? Christmas is coming….

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