Can you keep your eye out for a commercial space for a fellow GVer?

Dave Munro (GV39) is looking (extensively) for a space for Altruistics Beer Bread Bakery. Not always the easiest. So could we all keep our eyes open and see if we can find his bakery a home? Does anyone know any of the Foodland stores – or Vince’s Market? (as a different approach).

Thanks all – and below are some specs:

Commercial Kitchen! So he can go into a commercial plaza… small footprint – uses include: baking (production), wet and dry goods dispensing, countertop compressed air only, basic hydro (dedicated 120V circuit), hygiene sink, Food storage area for raw materials and finished goods, cleaning area with dishwashing sink, food prep, countertop oven (no venting required), classroom area, shipping/receiving,  office.

If floor is concrete, it can be sealed and painted, floor drains would be nice but not necessary)

Zoning: I’ve been told I’m an Artisan so zoning shouldn’t be an issue.

Size: Having 500 sq ft that can be adapted is great for now – but in case of growth – perhaps up to 1200 sq. ft. (A little larger would help to accommodate Beer Bread Baking Classes!!)


Patricia Dent

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