Cash flow… hugely important. Here is a replay of a BDC webinar

I try to monitor several information sources and to bring you those I find most valuable.  Here is a cash flow webinar from BDC that I found helpful. Not a sexy topic – but really important. That’s why we added a Cash Flow class to Grow Vantage. Here is the link

What’s next? Managing your business’s finances in 2021

We’re glad you were able to attend our What’s next? Managing your business’s finances in 2021 webinar.

We hope that you gained some solid takeaways on how to optimize your cash flow and how to effectively control costs to cope with high uncertainty.

You can view the webinar again at your convenience. A PDF version of the presentation is also available through the same link.

Interested in learning more? You can download a free copy of our study, Monitoring Your Business Performance. This eBook will help you accurately monitor trends and analyze the results to keep your business on track.

Download our guide to smart financial management 


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