Did you know? Pets can contract COVID 19

This is an excerpt from the: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from the Government of Canada

Pets and COVID-19

There have been many reports of infected humans spreading the COVID-19 virus to their dog or cat after a period of close contact. It’s important to take precautions to keep your pets safe.

How to keep your pets safe

It’s important to follow the advice of your local public health authority if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are in quarantine or isolation. To keep your pets safe, you should:

  • have another member of your household care for your animals
    • if this isn’t possible, wear a respirator (or if unavailable, a well-fitted medical mask) when caring for your pet
  • avoid close contact with animals
    • do not:
      • let them lick you
      • snuggle or kiss them
      • share food with them
      • let them sit on your lap
      • let them sleep in your bed
  • practise good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette
    • wash or sanitize your hands regularly, especially before and after touching animals, their food or their supplies
    • avoid coughing and sneezing on your animals
  • keep your pet away from people and animals outside your household until you’re no longer in isolation or quarantine
    • keep your cat indoors at all times
    • keep your dog in a private fenced area or ensure they’re on a leash when you take them outside to go to the bathroom

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