Did you know we’re starting Grow Vantage Group 50?

16 years ago Donna Douglas started Grow Vantage and we’re not only still here, we’re expanding in the next few months. (Stay tuned for my blogpost)

Do you know someone who would benefit from Grow Vantage?…

  • One-on-one coaching just when you need it….
  • 30 classes taught by experienced entrepreneurs (we’re adding 2 new classes to Group 50)
  • Network connections and peer mentorship (from our amazing members)

Please connect them to me (patricia@growvantage.com)

And we’re revamping our referral program!

If you have participated in the Grow Vantage referral program in the past

  • Please let me know if you’d like to continue to benefit from a free listing and potential choice of a referral gift

If you have graduated from Grow Vantage and would like more details on participating – let me know

(…here is the brief scoop)

  • Your business has a free listing as someone who would give a referral gift
  • You put together a gift (value $50 including HST) although you can choose to provide more than $50 of value for your gift)
  • Your gift appears in the listing with your name
  • We’re going to put this list on our website, for the referring person to choose a gift (once the person they refer has registered and is attending Grow Vantage)
  • We connect you with the person who has chosen the gift and they pick it up
  • We send you $50.00

Thanks everyone!

Patricia Dent

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