Divorce is Hard… But It Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly!!

Divorce is hard, no question, and painful emotions can quickly become soul-crushing and debilitating.

I’ve been there and I know. But I learned, through first-hand experience and through applying the tools and techniques I trained and certified in as a Master Coach and Master Practitioner of ENLP, that it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a healthy, whole-hearted, peacful, and powerful different way through and forward. So my question for you is, are you ready to STOP??

Stop losing yourself. Stop losing your sh*t. Stop losing hope.
What if you could:
  • Release the Past
  • Learn to Be Fully Present
  • Alchemize a Powerful New Beginning
  • Restore Calm Confident Clarity & Create a Life Worthy of YOU
  • Move Through Your Separation & Divorce Peacefully & Powerfully … even if your soon-to-be-ex (“STBX” ) isn’t
  • Be the Epic Woman Who Shows Up for Yourself, Your Kids, Your Clients & Your Community
Because you can.
Join me on Sunday, May 23rd @ 2pm Eastern Time and I’ll walk you through some simple strategies that helped me end my own 27-year marriage with the words: “I love you. Go, be happy,” and alchemize a healthy, whole-hearted, peaceful, powerful new beginning!
This masterclass is for you IF:
  • you’re willing to believe divorce doesn’t have to be ugly
  • you see your family as transforming … not broken
  • you recognize that choices you make today shape the future you experience tomorrow
  • you’d rather go on vacation yourself than send your lawyer & their family!!
  • you’re ready to say NO to more drama, trauma, chaos & pandemonium
This masterclass is NOT for you if:
  • your hobby is blaming your STBX for everything that sucks in your life
  • your idea of FUN is trash talking them to anyone who’s willing to listen
  • you’re good with divorcing the person … but not the problems
  • up to $30k++ in legal fees and more years off your life sounds like a walk in the park

(And that’s okay because I’ll still be here when you’re ready to do things differently.)

If you’re ready to take 100% responsibility for creating the changes you desire in your life, click to register now and join me on Sunday, May 23rd @ 2pm ET to discover that you’re way more powerful than you think you are.

Believe. You’re so much more than enough!!

❤️ Daniela

Daniela Chase

Divine Feminine Divorce Coach

pronouns: she/her

I help women navigating the challenges of Separation & Divorce reignite calm confident clarity, lead your family through the transformation, and create a life worthy of YOU. Book a complimentary Discovery Call with me to learn more.

P.S. What would you want if you didn’t have to be unhappy about not getting it?

P.P.S. Ask me about my 8-week program — DIVINE FEMININE DIVORCE: How to Rise Like the Phoenix You Are— that helps women navigating Separation & Divorce reignite calm confident clarity, lead your family through the transformation, and create a life worthy of YOU. Curious? Book your complimentary Discovery Call to learn more.

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