Do you know someone who wants to start a new business? We’re taking referrals!

While we are putting together a special pilot for GV grads, we’re also seeking people who want to start a business – who want to do something more meaningful than working for someone else…

…but who may not know where to start, or who might be concerned about what’s involved and more importantly – how to reduce the risk as we are coming out of a pandemic.

The thing we should keep in mind is that following a recession or economic downturn, more often than not – there is a surge of business growth. BDC has projected a growth rate of 4.5% GDP.

Now is the time to learn what needs to be learned to start a successful business!

To help potential entrepreneurs we’re running a Start Your Business Bootcamp. It’s a 3-day event from May 5 – 7th (10 am to 6 pm) in which we will prepare potential business owners to start their businesses with confidence.

It is only $247 and if you refer someone to the program, we’ll send you a gift card to say thank you.

Here are some of the topics:

  • Turning dreams into reality,
  • Identify your resources and skills
  • Reduce risk
  • Maximizing money (investments, pricing, revenue)
  • Determine what you’ll need to plan and prepare
  • Develop your entrepreneurial mindset
  • Tools and techniques

Would you have liked this kind of information before you started your business?

Help someone to their success!

Contact me: patricia@growvantage.com (or 705-229-4969)

Patricia Dent

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