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Barrie Business Awards Nomination Deadline – August 6, 2021



The Employee of the Year category is nominated with a different form:

Initiated in 2003 by the Barrie Chamber, the Barrie Business Awards program recognizes and celebrates the contribution of local businesses to the continued growth and success of our community. We are collecting nominations for the categories below.Please think about which Barrie business inspires you, and submit their name for the 2021 Barrie Business Awards. We know that businesses and organizations are working hard to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, and there will be room for them to share how they pivoted, stepped up, and/or pushed onward within the nominee profile submission process.


Business Growth Award

In recognition of a business that has implemented a strategy that has positively affected its bottom line. Demonstrated innovation through product/service development and commercialization leading to an expansion of domestic or global markets. Product and/or service must be manufactured and/or delivered from Barrie. Demonstrated ability to establish strategic partnerships and/or distribution to networks to exponentially grow sales. Proven ability to create new jobs.

Employer of the Year awarded by the Mayor of the City of Barrie

In recognition of a business that exemplifies excellence in its employee focus and development. Achievements could include: job creation, employee on-boarding, training & support programs, morale and job satisfaction initiatives, recognition and reward programs, and overall committee to professional and personal employee development and success. A business whose skills and training initiatives best harness the talent of its people, embrace diversity, and support employee success.

Small Business of the Year Award (1-10 employees)

Is awarded to a small sized business (1 – 10 employees) and recognizes outstanding achievement in some or all of the following: Research & Development, Company Growth, Products & Services, Market Development, Sales & Marketing, Community Service.

Pay It Forward Award

In recognition of a business whose community investments have yielded the greatest social return on investment. Achievements could include company policies and practices that demonstrate accountability and responsibility to the communities in which they operate; and/or an initiative that demonstrates sustained and long-term commitment to improving the quality of life in the community; etc.  Many businesses have stepped up their community support through Covid-19, and we want to hear more about them. 

New Business Award

In recognition of a new Barrie business (open for 1-2 years) having the greatest impact to the local economy and community as a whole within the previous 12-months as demonstrated through achievement in company growth through sales, employment, client acquisition and awareness.

Marketing & Promotions Award

In recognition of a business who has implemented a multi-media, marketing, or design campaign that has been outstanding, innovative and noticeable, resulting in a demonstrated positive impact on awareness and/or sales growth of their own company within the last year.

Manufacturing, Engineering, & Construction Business Excellence Award

In recognition of a business showing excellence in development, construction, and/or manufacturing through productivity and innovation, new product/market development or manufacturing techniques, operational efficiencies, export development/import replacement, human resource/skilled trade development and overall operations.

Hospitality & Tourism Business Excellence Award

In recognition of an accommodation, attraction and/or food business, who has improved the allure of the community for residents and tourists alike, by demonstrating commitment to excellence in hospitality/customer service, quality and consistency of product/service and overall guest experience.

Service Business Excellence Award

In recognition of a service or retail business showing commitment to innovation and excellence in service through such factors as: innovation in store design, approach/efficiencies in service delivery, commitment to top quality customer service, consistency of service, employee training and overall unique marketplace positioning.

Not-For-Profit or Charitable Organization Award

In recognition of a not-for-profit or charitable organization that exemplifies entrepreneurial spirit, with demonstrated excellence and growth in programs, services and overall returns to community. Achievements could include: all aspects of volunteer management, fundraising initiatives, transparency, operational efficiencies, marketing & promotion, and community engagement.

Arch Brown Entrepreneur Award of Excellence

For the person who best exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit – a true passion for building something great from nothing and pushing themselves to the limits to achieve big goals. The entrepreneur will have a demonstrated record of business excellence through innovation in product or service, organizational growth and profit record, customer service, job creation and employee development, market served and overall positive returns to the local economy and community.

Young Professional of the Year Award

Designed to recognize an individual in our community who is under the age of 40 and who is making their mark in the Barrie area. Their individual achievements may be recognized through business success, community involvement and/or contributions to the not-for-profit sector. We look for compelling stories that highlight business and community leadership. Must be between the age of 18 and 39 as of the current calendar year. Must be doing something extraordinary to significantly improve their business or non-profit organization, or something that directly benefits the local or global community.

Employee of the Year – click here to nominate in this category

In recognition of an outstanding employee working for a Barrie company. This person shines in the workplace, takes initiative, and shows leadership. Their work ethic and actions set them apart from their peers; their contribution to the organization’s success is clear and noticeable.


  • Businesses/individuals must be located in Barrie or Barrie Chamber of Commerce members in good standing to be eligible
  • For the New Business category, the nominee must be within their first 2 years of operations
  • For the Young Professional of the Year category, the nominee must be 30 or younger at the time of the awards presentation ceremony 
  • For the Marketing & Promotions category, the project or marketing initiative submitted must have taken place or have been completed within 2020/2021 
  • Businesses can only submit one nomination profile each year (if they are nominated in more than one category, they must choose the one that is most important to them)
  • Individuals can only submit one nomination profile each year (if they are nominated in more than one category, they must choose the one that is most important to them)
  • An employee of a company nominated for a business category is permitted to submit in the individual award categories – as the award is for the individual, it is not considered a second nomination for that business
  • Winners are not eligible for any category the year after they win (finalists are eligible for any relevant category) 
  • Winners can not win the same category for 3 years (they may submit a profile for a different category 2 years after their win – if a winner submits a nominee profile for a category they have previously won, prior to judging Barrie Chamber staff will review the winning nomination against the new submission to ensure that it is significantly different, i.e. they are not winning twice for the same activity with no progression or innovation). Finalists are eligible for any relevant category. 
  • Previous winners of the Arch Brown Entrepreneur Award of Excellence are not eligible to submit for it again (as per the intent of the award founder, Arch Brown)
  • If a company is nominated for the wrong sector award, they will be moved to the correct sector (i.e. a manufacturer would not submit and be judged in the hospitality category, non-profits and charities will all be moved to the Not-For-Profit or Charitable Organization category)
  • Nominator information is kept confidential, not even the nominees are told who nominated them
  • Nominee profiles are kept confidential, although a portion of the company history text may be used for finalist videos, program, etc.

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