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Hello all – I wanted to share 2 things.

First is an article by Maclean’s highlighting the work that my husband Blair and I are doing with youth in Simcoe County. For the past 2 summers, we have hosted summer camp programs where we teach youth 10-16 years old how to become interactive storytellers with the software we’ve developed for the last 3 years – design a video game, find art and learn how to code. We also teach adults.  http://www.macleans.ca/society/technology/how-to-close-the-gaming-industrys-diversity-gap/

The second is a short video game by 11 year old Keira Palmer, daughter to GV alum Rebecca Palmer. Keira was one of our students this summer. She made a 6-8 minute short satirical game about a zombie cat invasion and Donald Trump features prominently as TrumpyCat. I hope you’ll try this game. Our games are story-based and not quite like other games you’ve seen. https://onemorestorygames.com/games-view/attack-killer-zombie-cats-usa-edition/

I hope you’ll share Keira’s game with your friends and family, especially if you have children 8-14. Show them what another young child can do with 18 hours of concentrated time at our camps. We’re going to be developing an after school program for the winter.

All the best, and let us all hope we can stave off the zombie cat invasion that is Trumpy Cat.

Thank you!

Jean Leggett

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