Exploring HeyLocal, A Community Solution

A currently free solution to bring more attention to local businesses

Courtesy of a Chamber webinar: Justin Frennette, HeyLocal, Dave Hyde, Small Business Centre and Paul Markle, Barrie Chamber

There isn’t a convenient method to reinforce the buy local movement. Local businesses need help to build good search engine optimization and don’t necessarily have the funding during COVID-19 to create marketing campaigns that let people know what they need.

Hey Local is a solution to help businesses gain attention online in an easy and inexpensive way to access this new directory. They are encouraging businesses to sign up to build up an inventory of businesses that will help attract people to shop

Here are some of the features:

  • For 2020 the cost of the program is free to the first 50,000 businesses in 2020
  • After 2020 there will be a monthly fee of $4.99 and will be additional subscription offers
  • No transaction fees – send to you – and opens it up on customer site – purchase is on your site.
  • For the Barrie Region, your listing will appear to people in a 50-100 km radius
  • Although for now, a single business can be listed on Hey Local, you can have primary, secondary and tertiary products but they are listed under a single category.
  • A profile is included that people can search
  • You are able to filter by keywords
  • You can badge as a member association or organization
  • They are collaborating with local influences, and doing some advertising on Facebook, Adwords (Google) and Instagram (asking Hey Local Businesses to Share)

Here is an advantage you might not have thought of: Amazon competes with its clients: often adds small businesses, and if their marketing is successful, has been known to compete with their customer by adding their own, similar product. They can of course offer that product more cheaply.

Restrictions at the present:

  • Service Businesses
  • Sensitive subject matter
  • Inventory out of stock doesn’t poke the business owner yet

Future areas they are examining:

They are looking to partner with Shipping and Logistics companies to help their companies

How to get onto Hey Local:

Shopify App

They recommend using Shopify (90 day free trial) and ease of use, rich plug-in, integration , great collection of themes. Shopify has a learning module on how to use it (called Compass)

Manual Upload

Upload Request Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeNIOxFY-5RQKSnlZZOSubtUd-JhGetgWv335tTAxxjJipHcA/viewform

Patricia, patricia@growvantage.com

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