Facebook Changes Update – notes from Social Media Examiner YouTube

Social Media Examiner –  Videocast (YouTube) on Facebook Changes (Mari Smith and Michael Stelzner). Note: Mari Smith will be doing a workshop on gaining organic reach (first week in March). Her Facebook page is @marismith and you can find out more at Social Media Examiner.

Facebook has made their 88th acquisition (Omni Channel CRM platform called: Kustomer. It is a fusion of phone, email , web chat messaging). It brings conversations from various channels into a single view… it automates repetitive tasks – part agent controlled (The question was asked whether this is like Salesforce’s new approach?) Facebook is now focusing on the business side.

New Pages Experience: Rolled out January 6th  It is optional, but some question will be like FB5 – that it will become mandatory. Classic is the existing. A Warning below about switching!

One main feature: Facebook is getting rid of the “like” button on pages and focuses on followers. Social Media Examiner discussed this in a video released today. So if you have liked a page, but then unfollowed them – that page will not be able to reach them in a news feed. They will disappear. You can only reach them through ads.

Hopefully business pages have more followers than likes. Facebook has come right out and said being a follower is  a better signal that someone wants to see your posts.

There are updated admin controls, a different design, different navigation and a dedicated News Feed different from the current newsfeed (under Home). They are bringing out a dedicated news feed to enable discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with your peers and your fans. This New Pages Feed is on the page. The page will access the dedicated feed and view it. The question was raised whether the page may become more of a destination? You can now favourite a page (in a favourites feed).

Mari Smith says that may be an opportunity to gain more reach and visibility, to connect and expand where you are interacting with other pages…but they have not yet made it completely obvious.  It isn’t known how people will access this new pages feed. It is not known either what will happen to ads.

… BUT  While you will have an option as an admin to switch, they gave a warning…

If you switch and you try it out and decide to switch back – BUT you will not be able to edit any ads you create with the new page or posts during made while in the New Pages Experience. It may be a good idea to try and convert your likes to followers before you make the change.

Facebook Workplace (did away with a free plan) – to bring this into the workplace.

Facebook CoLab: Also new. An app created NPE (New Product Experimentation).

Launched in Beta last May (2020) and released in December. Musicians can collaborate to synch musicians playing. Fun app… Certain artists have amassed as many as 43 million streams… accomplished and up and coming who want to create video.

E.gg creations from Facebook – striving to attract and retain younger demographics

Brand Collaborations: This is a feature in Creator’s Studio (go to Monetization on the left- hand side to find Brand Collaborations Manager or BCM). You can use theirs or find your own paid partnerships.

This is for people or brands who are trying to find Influencers (micro, nano, macro etc.) or people who have a specific audience of all sizes who might want to promote or offer that brand’s products/services. A recent change – a little handshake icon (on both Facebook and Instagram) indicates a post that you are being paid for… a sponsorship or collaboration or partnership. It will be flagged “paid Partnership” – this is disclosure to be FTC compliant. The BCM Manager is where brands can submit a brief of what they might be looking for – and how much they would pay if anything. They are called project briefs and you can decide what you want to participate in. This BCM is available to public groups of 1,000 members or more. They can begin to monetize their groups. Note: FYI – Once a group gets over a certain size you cannot make it public.

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