Find Peace Within: Mindful Living Retreat in St. Lucia!

Do you find your mind cluttered by the busyness of life? Does your mind race with thoughts that aren’t helpful to your feeling the calm and peace within? Find Peace Within: Mindful Living Retreat helps you learn and practice techniques to cultivate peace and awareness of the present moment.

Breanna and Effie have re-formulated their 8 week-long mindfulness programs into a beautiful and refreshing retreat format at the Balenbouche Estate, St. Lucia: June 3rd- June 10th, 2017.

Together they will teach you life-long tools to help you slow down your monkey mind to make better decisions, manage your emotions, increase self-love and compassion, and find harmony within your essence.

Participate in two mindful yoga sessions daily as well as interactive programming where you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in different meditation techniques, including: mindful eating, walking, and communication, mindfully managing thoughts and emotions, and compassion. In your free time explore what this Tropical estate has to offer!

BONUS: Enjoy an excursion on day 3 and experience a volcano mud bath, waterfall, snorkeling, private beach picnic, botanical gardens and more!

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See you on the beach!

Effie Mitskopolous

SoulBody Healer

Grow Vantage 38

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