Food Bank Use Soars In Barrie As Thanksgiving Food Drive In Full Swing Swing

Courtesy of Barrie360.com

Ian MacLennanPublished: Sep 29th, 2023 1:50pm

The demand continues to grow.

The number of people accessing the Barrie Food Bank was up 94 per cent last month compared to August 2022.

“That translates into about 5,600 individuals that were supported with food by the food bank,” according to Sharon Palmer, Barrie Food Bank executive director. “Those are people who are accessing the monthly shopping program, and on top of that, we have about 450 visits to our emergency pantry.

The emergency pantry is primarily aimed at people who are experiencing homelessness or if they are a family that needs support between that 30-day shop.

“It’s a small amount of food, about eight items or so,” explains Palmer.

With more and more people seeking help, Palmer says donations to the food bank are critical and it’s why the Thanksgiving food drive, which lasts until the end of October, has lofty goals.

The target is to collect $200,000 and 200,000 pounds of food.

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