Ask for Directions Training

Ask Yourself:

  • Is your business changing?
  • Have you had to pivot?
  • Are you starting something new?
  • …..and you need to get guidance AND up to date information?

Well we’ve had to do all of the above so we’ve taken the past 6 months and we’ve established Ask For Directions Business Training (GV on steroids). We’re launching a pilot for GV grads on May 11th with our first group coaching call and we’d love to include you.

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Here are some of the details:

  • We’ve expanded classes from 22 to 37 – online…for everything including a new look at your audience to an exit strategy. Training modules are delivered in two sections: Modules 1-3 to set up your business and Modules 4-7 to grow your business. Each module has 5-6 classes of self-study material each.
  • Weekly coaching calls – log in and ask for directions, or participate in our community.
  • A Facebook community to ask for help or test your ideas (we’ll keep the Start Up and Grow Your Business Group but we’re creating a new Facebook group to connect during your learning journey). You know how important this is to our culture!
  • And fast-track some areas you’ll want to measure your current business against… instead of spending weeks on it
  • For a fraction of the price being offered for new people **

** And all for a pilot fee that is 25% of the price for new people (because we’re really looking for feedback!

(For new people, we’re going to introduce a module each month… but because you have already been through the in-person program, we’re going to deliver you the first 3 modules all at once – to check on your set up. (You haven’t had all of these courses previously – this is new!) Then release modules 4-7 each month following that initial bonus.

Cool, right?

You know things are different, right? Get the help and the strategy you need to move forward… even in a pandemic!

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Patricia Dent

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