Funding ideas from the Simcoe County Entrepreneurial Eco-System

Here are some ideas that were discussed in this month’s entrepreneurial eco-system meeting (this is a group that together support entrepreneurs in our area – from for-profit to institution)

Trillium Funding – Seed (qualification – looks like you would need 2019 financials)


Coaching through Innoweave

Innoweave provides funding to help organizations access coaching for implementing a new approach. It is expected that organizations will have discussed a potential scope of work with their prospective coach before applying. Eligibility and requirements vary depending on the coaching stream you are interested in pursuing for your organization.


Globe and Mail’s Top Growing Company: This is for high growth companies (who can quote growth on a 3-year basis – (2020 revenue – 2017 revenue) / 2017 revenue * 100 = % revenue growth)


Patricia Dent

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