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I’m Andrew Lindley with Supreme DJs

I was newly self-employed right before the shut down of COVID.

I’m not gonna lie, COVID was a struggle.

I had just quit my job the previous summer.  

I’m in the events industry, so safe to say, we were hit hard…..

We were on track to have the best year ever, and then……


For a year.

I’m sure you all understand how terrible this has been for every single one of us and my heart goes out to anyone who has been affected.

You may hear it a lot, but what I’ve found is really true, is “we’re all in this together”.

And for anyone working on the front lines… 

You guys are the real heroes!!! 

I know events might not be on anyone’s mind right now, but in a world of complete disconnection, a lot of us are just waiting for the day where we can be together once again!  

In a – dare I say it – “social” gathering.

After having every single event rescheduled, and not exactly any new bookings coming in, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do… I even considered…… Going back to work……

NO !!!!!  

I couldn’t bear to do it.

With the ultimate pivot, I created an online DJ group called The DJ Connect, 

where I help DJs who are struggling to get booked right now, start their DJ career and create their own business, with the Instant DJ Blueprint.

When I first learned to DJ, I really struggled.  And definitely was not one to EVER ask for help. 

I had to figure it all out by myself, even before the days of YouTube.

So it took a while…… 

I had already helped a lot of DJs start out their career in real life. The idea just spawned that I could teach other new DJs what it took me 15 years to figure out.

And how they could create the business of their dreams as well.

Joining Grow Vantage was such a gift to me, allowing me to see that it really was possible to create a business.

I can only hope to serve as many other DJs to do the same thing!

I remember when I first showed up to Patricia’s strategy session, I don’t actually know how I even got there, but within the short session, she already helped me with a couple questions I had at the time.

It blew my mind. And knowing me, I would have spent the next 6 months TRYING to figure it out by myself…. 

It’s crazy what can happen when you just ask for help or ask for directions!

Knowing how hard a struggle I had, I truly just love helping out others and it was natural to move this to the online space.

I don’t know about you, but I personally can NOT wait for events to come back to life. So when events return…

What do you need to think about to make an event special? Here’s a few things to keep in mind

At Supreme DJs, we believe that every event is a special one, no matter what kind..

Whether its a holiday party, or just a “Returned from COVID alive” party, we like to smash expectations and really provide the ultimate party experience,

So if you’ve ever had any of these issues:

  • a DJ who doesn’t play any of the music you want
  • all your employees or guests normally leave early
  • and honestly, they just played the chicken dance???

You can do much better than that!!

Give us a shout if you want to:

  • hear the music you want at your event
  • to make sure everyone dances all night 
  • have the stress-free night of your life! 

I am so optimistic that 2021 will be a good year! As much as 2020 has sucked, the world just needs a little more kindness right now. Hopefully, we can all get back to work very soon and as a whole we can conquer this together!

Grateful to know all of you and hopefully we can get to see one another soon! 

Cheers to an amazing 2021!

Andrew Lindley





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