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Get to Know… Dave Munro, Al Truistic’s Beer Bread Bakery, GV 39, GV Mastermind

Al Truistic’s Beer Bread Bakery, Gravenhurst, ON

Al Truistic’s Beer Bread Bakery is a Social Enterprise, located in Gravenhurst now, who creates Do It Yourself Craft Beer Bread kits, using craft beer from the growing sector of craft beer breweries in Ontario. My focus is crafting delicious beer breads using Craft Brewed beers that tantalize the taste buds of millennials, craft beer enthusiasts and foodies looking for unique taste experiences and companies who have a social impact. Right now, with people being at home more, baking bread together is a great family activity.

Speaking of family, as a social enterprise, my goal is to sponsor the administrative budget for Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer. OPACC is a grassroots provincial charity that plays an important role in helping families cope with their child’s cancer diagnoses and treatments. The incidence of childhood cancer is highest in the first five years of life and has a huge emotional and financial impact on these families. Typically one parent stops working to become the primary caregiver. Families have to manage not only loss of income but added expenses of travel to and from treatment centres and inpatient stays. A lot of families struggle financially, especially single parents.

We support them by offering consumers a tasty way to give back by crafting delicious beer breads and a platform for OPACC to raise awareness and funds for their grassroots, parent-driven organization thereby allowing them to use 100% of the money they raise on the programs and services they provide supporting their fragile families.

Despite opening the day the Province locked us down the first time last March, I’ve focused on I producing specialty loaves and buns that have unique tastes, like DIY Honey Garlic Ale kit and Oatmeal Stout kit and Peppercorn Maple Ale kits. Currently eight brewers sell my DIY Craft Beer Bread kits and various other artisanal foods from North Bay to Toronto and Peterborough. The kits are also included in ‘Event Boxes’ that have been sold by groups like The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies and the Newmarket Community Craft Beer Festival and Gift boxes for seasonal celebrations.

You might find me in my retail store in Gravenhurst baking bread or on the road to establishing connections with new breweries. With over three hundred Ontario Craft Brewers to visit, I’m going to be busy. It’s a great field to work in – the Craft Brew industry doesn’t see other Craft Brewers as competition the way other industries do. Craft Brewers want other Breweries to be successful and only see the international Big Three brewers as their competition.

When we open up again to live events, you can expect me to have my kits (and in the near future, the frozen dough I’m going to produce) at specialty food stores and at farmer’s markets, including plans to work with the Metis Nation for summer help to sell the kits at local Farmers markets.

In the meantime you can find us on Facebook and Instagram for information on coming events. Or check out YouTube to find out how bread is made. There are currently two ‘How To’ videos online for people to access and QR codes for these videos are printed on the preparation instructions.

FB – @AlTruisticsBeerBreadBakery

IG – @altruisticsbeerbreadbakery

Web – www.altruisticsbeerbreadbakery.ca

Email – info@altruisticsbeerbreadbakery.ca

Phone 705-735-7434

Patricia Dent

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