Get To Know Melissa Lim, GV43

Hello Fellow GVers

I would like to take this opportunity to re-introduce myself. I am Melissa Lim owner of Elite Nails by Mel which I started recently. I used to be with a multi marketing business dealing with essential services for homes and businesses.

So why nails?

While working at a nail salon that uses toxin-free products, I fell in love with the idea of clean beauty and chemical free products. Chemicals are harmful for nails and our overall health, so I wanted to create a chemical-free environment.

I decided to open my own business and promote clean beauty and where people will be comfortable pampering themselves in an eco-friendly and chemical free environment.

Getting beauty services will be worry-free since we use polishes and gels that are chemical free unlike the 7-10 toxins that are known to be harmful to health, which are found in regular nail products.

With the stress that everyone is feeling these days, we wanted to offer services with sea salts, sugar scrubs and essential oils that fill our salon atmosphere with a heavenly aroma. We want to provide everyone with an oasis of pampering in a way that is safe, non-toxic, clean, relaxing, and fun.

Our goal is to promote clean and healthy beauty in an ecofriendly environment for everyone to enjoy and pamper themselves.

I provide these services at Envy Me Medi Spa.

31 King Street, Barrie, 416-887-6939, Follow me on Instagram @Elitenailbymel.

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