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What is Ask for Directions Business Training? … is the online learning platform for entrepreneurs. Born from Grow Vantage, and the pandemic, I’ve wanted to establish it for some time after I took over Grow Vantage from Donna Douglas in 2013 – exactly 8 years ago yesterday (yes, I know…April 1st! – always a lucky day for me.)

What about Ask For Directions?

In this age of pivot every minute (or at least it seems like this) we’re making Ask For Directions available to GV grads as well – so stay tuned for the details, especially if you need a refresh or you have to change your direction and the way you do things. (I’d be surprised if you don’t). And if you want to be reconnected to this community while you work on your business?

With the huge changes we’ve all experienced in the past year, most of us have had to go back to the basics and redesign our businesses.

How is it different?

  • Classes take you step by step from the very beginning to build a business with new classes and new information that we’ve been compiling for the past 6 months.
  • Two parts: Setting Up Your Business (3 modules) AND Growing Your Business (7 modules in all) **
  • Learning is bite-sized self-study at your own pace
  • AND weekly coaching calls with me and class instructors will help apply learning and share experiences.
  • We have a general Facebook group now that’s for everyone
  • We’ll start a Facebook group when the ASK program starts – to allow GV grads and ASK students to share experiences, information, and work on their business – gaining advice from our community.

**  GV grads will be gifted the “Setting Up Your Business”: modules in case you want to go back to basics.

In the meantime many other people are dreaming of starting their own business, but when they make the leap…they don’t want it to fail.

Our mission has always been to help entrepreneurs grow their business in the way that makes sense.

What is happening to Grow Vantage?

In fact Grow Vantage is about to expand to Gravenhurst/Muskoka (as soon as we’re all clear!)

AND We need the community we’ve established and the networking that begins to come naturally to GVers – in their groups and in our community at large. Simcoe and similar Counties still operate on the principle of…. Know, Like and Trust. We need to know our community to be able to support them with our businesses.

For right now we need consistent access to in-person before we start Group 52!

Patricia Dent

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