Give digital memories this holiday season

This holiday season give the gift of memory to the ones you love. With Convert 2 Digital your old VHS tapes, pictures, slides, negatives, vinyl, and audio cassettes can be converted to digital. Digital movie, picture, and audio files are easy to share with family and friends. Once they’re converted to digital, copies are easy to make and are 100% identical to the original. Experience past memories and emotions of friendship and family all over again by saving them with Convert 2 Digital.

Just like memories, old analog media fades. Your memories are probably stuffed in envelopes, wrapped in bags, and stacked in boxes inside a closet, crawlspace, or storage room. Your VHS tapes, pictures, slides, negatives, vinyl, and audio cassettes are falling apart and only getting worse with the passage of time.

Converting to digital saves and preserves memories. Just like a certain taste or smell elicits memory, the sights and sounds of the past can cause memories to come flooding back. Your converted movies, pictures, and audio recordings are better than a time machine. Travel back in time and relive your glory days.

If you have old media that contains memories of:

  • Young babies and children
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Vacations
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Loved ones who have passed away

Don’t let these memories die and be forgotten forever because they sat too long in storage.

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