Grow Vantage 49 is beginning on Tuesday May 28th

We’re launching this group with a new addition to the program on the Entrepreneurial Mindset (along with Insurance of course!) with Lori Bertoni (Group 28) who is a Master NLP Practitioner and coach. She’ll share her experience on developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Are you curious? This session will open up our first class of Group 49 and if you’d like to attend – please let meĀ  know.

If you know someone who will benefit by Grow Vantage: real information about how to develop their business, idea creation and help in implementing, as well as a community that continues to be the very best support, please introduce us or drop me an email at patricia@growvantage.com.

It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the Group 50 mark, that in the Fall we’ll celebrate 16 years of helping entrepreneurs develop relationships, develop theirĀ  businesses, and getting on the path to success! Stay tuned for more about that!


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