Growth Accountability Mastermind: Do you want to move your business forward in 2020?

Growing your business is the most important and demanding job you have as an entrepreneur – apart from starting your business in the first place.

What if you were part of a small and powerful mastermind group? One that had your back and helped you to be accountable to a growth plan you develop for 2020?

This could be the year you break through the growth ceiling to claim a new level of performance.

Email patricia@growvantage.com for a 20 minute consultation to see how this will work for you


  • The first Mastermind meeting will be in January.
  • Create your focused growth plan for 2020, in an initial half day working session, and set milestones for your mastermind to hold you accountable and to help and encourage you through hurdles
  • Each month you will participate in a 3 hour group session (in person or via Zoom) and an individual session (in person or via Zoom)
  • This is a focused group who will function as a brain trust or advisory group for a limited number of members.
  • Why are Masterminds effective? They hold you accountable for your plans while you gain support, strengthen your business abilities and analyze your state of the nation on a hot seat. Through mastermind groups, you can build and maintain momentum in your business while you overcome challenges.

We all want to do more, so get the help and support you need to move ahead.

If you have questions, please email patricia@growvantage.com


Patricia Dent

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