Have you thought about being part of a strategic membership?

One of the problems I’ve been thinking about solving is how to keep graduates up to date on changes in the business standards and practices you learned as part of Grow Vantage – and in future – Ask For Directions Training (online)

… and how as established entrepreneurs we can keep up with trends and adapt their practices with new strategies.

…not to mention maintain our community in an on again off again world.

I’ve recently held a series of strategic brainstorming sessions to gather ideas and feedback that we can share with those who join. They have been well received.

So it got me thinking… we’ve had Next After Grow Vantage, we’ve had masterminds – all of which help build up our community, allow us to share ideas and learning… and with the feedback from our strategic brainstorming sessions I think it’s time for a new way of collaborating that combines strategy, community and current business information where it has changed.

I was a member of GV 23 and now a lot of the information I’ve learned has changed. So I know that is the case for most of us. Methods are also changing and one of the most promising is collaboration.

Can you let me know if you would be interested in being a founding member of a membership and help me create a structure that will support us as we emerge from the pandemic?

Give me a call or text me at 705-229-4969. Or email me at patricia@growvantage.com

Patricia Dent

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