Having A Sex Talk With Your Grandparents? Here’s Why You Should


Courtesy of Barrie 360, MJ Bradford Published: May 4th, 2023

When it comes to having an open dialogue about safe sex and condoms, we often picture parents having that conversation with their kids.

However, recent stats suggest that adults should remind their parents and grandparents of the importance of protection.

A new campaign called “F^**ing Old” has been launched by Jems Condoms.

f#cking old VIA JEMS condoms

Jane Johanson, daughter of Sex education advocate Sue Johanson of the “Sunday Night Sex Show,” has partnered with female-owned Canadian condom company Jems, to raise awareness about the rise of STI’s among seniors.

“I think ‘F^**ing Old’ is clever, brilliant and very pointed. We need to direct this towards senior citizens and their sexual health.” Johanson says, especially since stats show a dramatic rise in Chlamydia for this demographic.

“Chlamydia is up 267%, Syphilis is up 340%, and gonorrhea 388%. Those numbers are huge. And these are senior citizens over 65. That is a startling number.” she stresses.

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Many reasons could lead to these numbers skyrocketing as of late.

“They might be recently widowed or become single, and now they’re exploring the possibilities of having intimacy again and remaining sexually active. ” Johanson explains

Other reasons include those living in retirement homes.

“They’re living in closer quarters, so the social group has extended, and they’re meeting more people in a comfortable situation. They think, ‘Well, I won’t get pregnant now. So we don’t have to use condoms or any birth control.’ Because of that, they will go untested and continue to be sexually active.” she explains.

This is where Jems has stepped in to help break the ice with their “F^**ing Old” collection.

The condom package comes with cleverly named candies that Johanson says will start a dialogue.

“You unwrap the candy, and there’s a message inside, and you can start a conversation with your grandparents while sharing a box of sweets, ” she explains.


In the end, Johanson says to keep the conversation light and fun like her mom, Sue Johanson, was famous for doing.

“If you use humour to break the ice, other people will relax and be comfortable with the topic. So, if we can do that with our seniors and safely through the suggestion of candy and Jems condoms, then I think we can encourage them to use them to keep themselves safe.”

For more information about Jems Condoms visit jemsforall.com

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