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Hey Folks … Just as I was ready to launch my two DIY Craft Beer Bread Kits things shut down.  I’ve been able to deal with that and have had a couple orders from Brewers.  I am now down to the last dozen or so kits available because of a yeast shortage.

I’m located in Gravenhurst.

If people are in Barrie and happen to go in the Wholesale Club for things could they look for Dry Active Yeast in the (I think it’s 2 lb) brick.  If they see any please buy what they can (with an individual receipt) and I will happily buy it from you.  I could be hosting small classes of three at my shop but I don’t have yeast.  I could be making kits so I could take them and samples to local Brewers.  I could do my planned business function.

Cheers!  Stay safe and wash your hands often.



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