Holiday Stress?

“I have Thanksgiving leftovers sitting in my fridge, Halloween hasn’t arrived yet and there are now Christmas decorations all over the stores.”

I don’t know about you but the above statement brings me down a few notches. Would you like to find a new way to navigate the stress and struggles that seem to weave themselves into our lives this time of year?

Look no further than the POSITIVE COACH! I have helped many, many clients overcome stress, anxiety, fear, lonliness, sadness and grief in their lives. I know I can help you simply have a more positive holiday season!

Join like minded men and women as we go through an amazing, practical, common sense and inspiring learning experience in the next BE POSITIVE workshop.

  • Wednesday, October 19th
  • 9:30 – 12:30PM
  • SuiteSuccess | Barrie
  • Investment: $50 PP


Louise Aspden is a Co-Active Life Coach and Professional Facilitator at

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