Holy Shift ! What is Transformational Tuesday?


for Soul-preneurs and Business Professionals

to Spark Your Vitality and Listen to Your Body Talk

Learn how to recharge your energy, because your business’s Health & Wealth depends on it. Let 2016 to be the year you go from Stressed to Success by doing business differently, in tune with your authenticity, and feeling refreshed along the way.

• Understand Sacred Commerce (Earning money in Authentic Alignment with your soul of success). Find out your personal set point, and reset the ceiling of limits to more possibility!

• Tune in to your body as a Business vehicle for your personal growth and satisfaction, letting it be transformational (from Soul to Cell) not just transactional.

• Find out what limiting beliefs you set up around money as a child; and reprogram them to serve you now. This is a healing session – this isn’t about theory, this is transformation (right here in the workshop!)

• Authentically Being and doing in business without BEING sick, allergic, nervous, in pain, or anxious. Understanding the connection from Soul to Cell.

• Learn more about the New Way of doing business and receiving money in the New Energy Conscious arena.

Tuesday March 8 @ ESS Direct
9:30AM – 12:30
ONLY $25/per person.  Reserve your seat here

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