If you’ve heard me talk about Rachel Miller Moolah) – you are gonna love this

100 Days of Content

Rachel Miller is a knowledgeable social media maven… on managing Facebook and growing your influence! I’ve taken challenges with her – and she’s on my wish list for training. This is what she is presenting for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

In case you feel like me – while I know content is critical I don’t really want to spend the time figuring it out – this might help. I haven’t used it myself (nor am I an affiliate for Moolah) … but sounds interesting, right?  This is an app that has a content vault. It says you can cancel any time…

This is from their sales page (see the link below if you want to check it out)

Never Worry About Creating Content Ever Again!

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday ONLY – From Nov 27th – 30th

Get 100 Days of Content Mini Course ($100 Value) FREE when you purchase PostDeck between NOV 27th-30th!
Post Deck allows you to create all of your social media content with three simple steps!


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