Question: Are you better off with an immune system that provides a strong defense or are you better off to get sick and then deal with that? A rhetorical question, no doubt, but one that needs asking in the face of so many who do little or nothing to support their immune response.

The Immune System in 30 Seconds

  • Two main types of lymphocytes, B-cell and T-cells, work in unison to defend you
  • B-cell lymphocytes identify pathogens ( virus, bacteria, fungi, tumour, etc.)
  • “Helper” T-cells alert other immune cells that the battle is on
  • “Killer” T-cells destroy the intruder
  • “Suppressor” T-cells switch off the immune response afterwards

Two Facts to Consider

  1. T-cell lymphocytes cannot reproduce nor function without glutathione
  2. The product Immunocal safely, naturally and effectively raises the glutathione level in all cells throughout your body

Dr. J. Gutman MD, medical spokesperson for the Immunotec company writes:

“Over the past few weeks, I have received numerous questions about the coronavirus and whether raising glutathione can offer some protection. For the sake of time and efficiency I have written this message. My answer is that I believe there is a very important role for glutathione in this situation, but I do not have any direct studies to prove my point. Thus far, no clinical trials have been published looking directly at the role of glutathione in the treatment or prevention of coronavirus.

Why then do I support the idea of raising glutathione as an effective strategy. It is based on the hundreds of other studies where glutathione has been shown to positively affect the outcome in numerous other viral diseases and plays an important role in the development of these infections. Doing a bit of searching on www.pubmed.gov will reveal articles on glutathione from the common cold (rhinovirus), to the “Flu” (influenza), to AIDS/HIV, hepatitis A, B, and C, DNA viruses, RNA viruses, retroviruses and more. To simplify, the majority of viruses studied thrive in an environment of low glutathione and high oxidative stress.

I have listed a small sampling of these studies below for those that want to pursue this research. If you come across any new developments regarding coronavirus and glutathione, I would love to be alerted.”             

Respectfully ,Dr. Jimmy Gutman
Glutathione as an antiviral – A sampling of the literature:


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