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I hear this often from my clients.  Most of the time it is a mindset not a fact. There are effective, affordable solutions for all issues facing the SMB (Small Medium Business).   The trouble is where do you find them and can you trust them to do what you’re paying for?

We have all been trained by the media to believe that only the BIG guys can afford good Cyber Security.  There is also the prominent opinion that SMB’s are not a target because they are ‘under the radar’.

With the development of the cloud, both of these scenarios are no longer true! What is true is that most small business owners have no protection!

FICTION–Small business owners can’t afford proper protection from cyber attacks
FICTION–Small business owners are not a target due to their size
FACT–81% of all successful cyber attacks are on the small business owners
FACT–There are effective, affordable solutions for the small business owner
FACT–Nerds On Site has those solutions

Call me –

Nerds On Site Inc. is positioned to help the small business owner, we have chosen you as our market. We have been doing this for 21yrs and are now in 10 Countries around the world.  We are Canadian!

With Nerds On Site in your corner, you are in good shape!  Give us a shot, you will be glad you did!

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