is FREE antivirus REALLY free?

When it comes to protecting your information, do you really want to play with FREE protection? Yes it’s better than nothing, but so is a paper bathing suit, just don’t get it wet! I have helped several clients recently who have been using free versions of antivirus. They work great against poorly developed viruses, but the ‘good ones’ just blow right by it! To top it off, when you have a problem, do the free solutions offer real-time live support? Not the ones I have had to deal with! Free protection get expensive fast when you lose access to your files and/or experience down time.

Proper protection is a combination of a good paid for subscription to antivirus software and an encrypted cloud-based backup system.

Nerds On Site has your back! We have a team of Advanced Malware Resolution agents that are only a phone call away, all you need is a Nerd in your back pocket and we take care of all the details. Don’t get caught without proper protection! There is enough stress in your life, you don’t need that!

Glen Tupling and Nerds On Site are your technology partners, we have the expertise to help you avoid unnecessary stress. Get us on your team and you will have one less item on your ‘stress list’.

Call me for a consultation and let me show you how easy it is.  705-717-9985

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