Is holiday spending getting you down?







Give YOURSELF the best gift ever with the Money Life Overhaul Program. 

Karen Collacutt, CEO and Founder of ProsperologyU is a personal finance expert and an amazing money coach. She is relaunching her very successful and impactful Money Life Overhaul Course and she wants you to have access to it.

So many people find this time of year financially stressful and promise themselves it will be different next year. 

What if you could give YOURSELF the BEST Gift ever?

If you are: 

  • Wondering where your money is going and how much your life really costs 
  • Saying “I just want to understand my money and make good decisions” 
  • Looking how to make your money easier and more fun 

This is the program for you!

Many people are looking for a simple way to overhaul the way they are dealing with their money. They want the simplicity of that jar system that actually makes sense in the real world. This is it! 

In this program you get comprehensive webinars, worksheets and tools to create and implement your own plan. There are exercises to understand your cash flow, your debt and your money mindset … AND you have direct access to Personal Finance Expert Karen Collacutt through Q&As as she relaunches her dynamic program live online. You even get a bonus of some 1:1 time with Karen!

Here is what one of Karen’s clients said.

It’s been about one year since our last session and your Cash Flow system has been very helpful. It really has allowed me to move forward – to be in control of what and where I spend my money, which is a powerful feeling.

Karen, I can’t thank you enough in helping me to get a grasp on the tools you’ve offered for people like myself.

Many thanks again!
Eugene L., Montreal, QC

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