Jeff Lehman Tweet(s) on Spread of Variants

Thread: Regarding the potential for a 3rd wave in #Barrie and @SMDhealthunit. The rise of variants has been identified by public health experts from our local MOH to experts like @SteiniBrown as a real threat. This COVID is different. We will need to respond differently.

We are now in a race between vaccination and variants. Until the numbers of vaccinations climb faster than the variants, continued restrictions will be necessary. And if case numbers rise, the “emergency brake” will need to be pulled as fast as possible.

Small businesses have reopened. A shop with a few customers, operating safely, is less concern than crowds in large stores, or workplace lunchrooms, or social gatherings. Variants spread particularly through outbreaks. If we can prevent that, we create time for vaccinations.

3 levels of gov’t are working furiously to roll out mass vaccination w/ ramp up in a few weeks. Slowing spread now is essential to avoiding another lockdown. We’ll need to move very fast if the variants do spread. Help stop a 3rd wave, keep distancing – we can win this race!

Patricia Dent

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