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Know anyone who could benefit by Grow Vantage?

We’ve just begun Group 48 and that Group will close in mid April. If anyone you know would like some help in growing their business… here is some useful information to pass along – and of course they are welcome to sit down in a one-to one meeting to find out more:

  • We want to help you develop and grow your business
    • Having a business coach at your fingertips means you can get all the guidance you need when you need it.
    • Before each class, a free clinic allows you to drop-in to find solutions to issues you might face as you build your business.
    • A full set of notes is delivered by email following each class so you can concentrate on what the instructors are teaching – and you have a manual at the end of your term.
  • We help entrepreneurs establish a solid network – which is critical to referral business
    • Build your referral network through your groups. We launch 3 groups each year that overlap so that you mix with your own, as well as with two other groups, in order to build a larger network.
    • Through “dance cards” (or one on one meetings), we encourage participants to get to know other Grow Vantagers as they learn about each other’s businesses, give and receive feedback, and make possible connections and collaborations.
  • We help you avoid mistakes and run your business more effectively
    • We focus on teaching you how to run your business effectively and avoid mistakes that cost money and delay success.
    • Classes are taught by successful entrepreneurs who have actually been where you are.
    • Advice is practical – to give you solutions (like templates to be compliant with privacy legislation, contracts, methods to survive an audit, and so on).
    • Classes are held over 10 months (approximately twice per month) on Tuesday evenings so that you can continue to run your business, with lots of opportunity to apply what you learn, and develop solid relationships with other GVers.
  • We want to promote you:
    • You will have your own profile on the GV website (which is Google searchable and helps get you found online). If you need to find someone – you either ask people you know – or Google!
    • You can also advertise your business offers or programs to the GV database for free (every week if you like) through our newsletter email. It’s also published on the website, where they can be found on Google.
    • We like to connect business owners to others who can help them grow their businesses – and do this all the time.
  • We understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur:
    • If you need to miss a class (perhaps because of a client meeting or family obligation) – don’t worry, we allow you to make up the class with the next group. It doesn’t hurt to be exposed to another group, although we encourage you to be in your classes as often as possible to build that network and the trust that goes along with it.
    • The cost of the course is spread over the 10 months of the program to make it easier to get the training you need (without interest)! That is $95.00 + HST. There is a small registration fee which is due before the program begins, and payments will begin the month following your start.
    • The cost of the program is tax deductible.

If you would like to join us and get the help you need to grow your business, we would love to include you. You can register online (or I could send you a word document to complete for you to email back to me if you prefer).

Here is the link: http://growvantage.com/register-for-grow-vantage.html. The one-time registration fee of $49.50 + HST.

Patricia Dent

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