Legible Legal Membership – Jan 21st only

Legible Legal Membership – open today only (Jan. 21st)

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The Legible Legal Membership program is designed to help Canadian online business owners implement essential legal contracts and policies so that they can turn legal overwhelm and fear into relief and confidence as they grow. 

This is a monthly membership and you can cancel at any time before your subscription renews for the next month.

If you have already purchased legal templates and online courses from Online Legal Essentials, but want further support to implement legal systems in your business, this membership is for you.

The membership includes checklists and other implementation tools, coaching calls, and discounts on legal strategy sessions. 

You will receive access to past monthly content that has been developed since June 2021 when the membership first launched.

Each week, you will receive an email highlighting the new content that falls into one of four categories:

  1. Group Coaching Calls (1 hour + Recording + Transcript)
  2. How to Tips on Common Legal Issues
  3. Clause of the Month – Explaining How Common Legal Clauses Work
  4. Mindset Tips – Motivation from Legal Guide Corinne to Overcome Legal Mindset Blocks

Other Membership Benefits include the following:

– Discounts on Template Purchases

– Red Flag Legal Reviews

– Free Access to Workshop Sessions


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