Letting Managers Manage

Please join me and my fellow speakers as we explore what it takes to manage effectively, Tuesday January 18th 10:00 am – 11:00 am

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Do you spend most of your time as a leader putting out fires?

Trying to balance trust that managers will perform independently without losing momentum?

Deciding which roles to keep and which to delegate to managers?

We know that leaders who create an ecosystem of accountability, empowerment and a growth mindset thrive. These cultures exist when leaders are able to delegate duties and allow their team to rise to expectations. When asked, 95% of employees who felt valued by their employer also felt motivated to do their best (American Psychological Association’s Work and Well-Being Survey, 2016). You know that accountability and initiative are key factors to the success of a team, but it can be hard to know how to create the mechanisms and culture to support them. Join us in hearing from a panel of leaders that have supported, advised and done the work of leadership distribution. Hear first hand experience on how and when to release control to managers, what systems need to be in place for sustainable success and what challenges to be on the lookout for.

Register here: https://barriechamber.com/event/letting-managers-manage/


Patricia Dent

Business Mentor and CEO at Ask For Directions Training and Grow Vantage

Patricia is the Business Mentor and owner of Grow Vantage and a Past President of the Barrie Chamber of Commerce. She applies over 30 years of business experience (from start-up to corporate) to mentor entrepreneurs. Since 2011, she has held over 6,500 coaching and training sessions in-person and online. Through Ask For Directions Training, her entrepreneurial training program (and parent company Grow Vantage), and as a business coach, she works with start-ups who are new (or who have lost traction) to design, launch and grow their businesses. Along with 20 other expert instructors she teaches strategies in marketing, sales, communications, and finance, as well as practical techniques to increase productivity, and manage their businesses. In other words, everything entrepreneurs need to learn to grow and run their businesses successfully, and avoid the costly mistakes they can’t even see coming – that lead to delays in growth and getting stuck.

Meghan Muise & Lindsay Haley

Meghan Muise & Lindsay Haley are two best friends that share a passion for juicing and plant-based living. They opened the first RIPE Juicery in 2015 in downtown Barrie and have grown to 4 locations in Barrie & Muskoka. Ripe has grown from a smoothie and juice shop to offering a full plant based food menu and frozen menu – we now offer delivery 7 days a week and have grown a large e-commerce business! Not only have they scaled a business – they have both been raising families at the same time. Ripe has big plans for 2022 including more locations and expanded product lines.

Teena Sauve

Following an award-winning career spanning various industries, Teena Sauve founded Botree to support organizations in reaching their inherent potential. Drawing from a rich and varied background in healthcare, product development, client relations, management, sales and marketing, Teena’s extensive experience lends a holistic approach to the expertise she provides in strategy, training and business development. With a commitment to professional development, Teena seeks every opportunity to expand her resources and is guided by her belief that cross-industry pollination is the driving force behind innovation.

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Date And Time

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 @ 10:00 AM to 11:00 am

Patricia Dent

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