Licensing Workshop April 29th – REGISTRATION LINK

Hi everyone, you may be aware that we have a new instructor, Corinne Boudreau, a lawyer on the east coast who will teach Privacy and Contracts in the future – for Ask For Directions Business Training. I am actually an affiliate for Corinne who has an amazing law library I’m making such great use of (with an arrangement that gives back some of the purchase price!)

I have been speaking to a number of you about one of the longer-term strategies… licensing a product or a service for use by others right up to the idea of transitioning from an individual business to a platform. If you are curious – meet me on Zoom (check the home page for growvantage.com for the Zoom links)


Corrine has created a brand new live Licensing Workshop which is happening on Thursday, April 29th at 12 PM Eastern.  I am inviting you to join me by registering here – https://bit.ly/licensingcan.

The workshop fee includes NOT ONLY the live 90 minute workshop materials but immediate access to a Licensing Checklist, Licensing Agreement template and video guide on Licensing 101.  Participants will also receive a recording of the workshop.

Patricia Dent

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