Message from Tracey Baker, sale of Zuzu’s

Can you help? Do you know anyone who might want to buy Zuzu’s to allow Tracey to focus on her health?

For the better part of seven years, I have had the joy of growing alongside ZuZu Fashion Boutique. Together we have been challenged and rewarded in ways too numerous to count, all the while connecting with the most wonderful members of our community.⁠

During that time, I have been managing my constant companion, a cancer diagnosis of 2014. The time has now come to focus all of my energies on my health – to make that my priority. ⁠

As such, I have made the difficult decision to list ZuZu for sale in the hopes that there is another person who will continue the path that ZuZu and I have built together – to take her to the next level and continue to bring that joy to everyone.⁠

It has been my honour to call downtown Barrie home for my little boutique in the heart of our city. If you think this could be your next step, please contact Jessica Cruikshank of the Remax Crosstown Kempenfelt Group at 705.321.3356 or jessica@kempenfeltgroup.com

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for the incredible love and support shown to me over the past

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