Mindful Living Retreat

How to cultivate awareness in the Present Moment

Our daily lives are so full of busyness and responsibility that we can feel disconnected from our core sense of Self.  Sometimes we get lost in society’s demands, labels and boxes. Take the time away from the chaos of society to truly connect with yourself (and other like-minded people) to come ‘home’. Learn how to be the BEST version of yourself day-to-day.

It’s time to reignite feelings and communicate with your inner world. Take the time to gather with like-minded beings, to slow yourself down and return to your natural inner rhythms.

Stay in a luxurious tent, aka Glamping, in the wilderness, where you can hear the sounds of the water and forest, you can sense the serenity of the property, and you can start to truly connect to your inner guidance system that has been pushed away for so long.

Join Holistic Mindfulness coaches Breanna Coates and Effie Mitskopoulos for a full weekend retreat learning how to live in the present moment. Activities include Yoga, Meditation, and Mindful Living. Vegan meals prepared by Laurie Savoie-Tester.

The price truly can’t be beat as an all-inclusive weekend away with delicious clean eating food, amazing company and high vibrational space.

It’s time to find peace within ourselves. No more ego, no more self-loathing, no more self-doubt, no more discontent, no more limiting beliefs. Let’s come together in a safe space to create a sense of self-love, self-care, self-honoring, acceptance, and non-judging.

The time is NOW!!!

Date: 5pm Friday, September 30th to 2pm Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

Location: Harmony Outdoor Inn, 6 Harmony Lane, Parry Sound, ON, P2A 0B1

Cost: $400 All-Inclusive

Register at www.compassionatehealing.ca/retreats

Effie Mitskopolous

SoulBody Healer

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