Mindfulness for Peaceful Living- January 29, 2017

Mindfulness is proving to be a buzz word in this day in age because it is a remedy for stress. A lot of us lead busy lives that are often stressful.  Fortunately, a side effect of practicing mindfulness is a calmer mind – a mind that copes with the rush of thoughts and emotions and doesn’t get swept away in them – a mind that makes sound decisions from a neutral perspective. Other side effects include: happiness; things being less bothersome; reduced pain; better sleep.

Mindfulness for Peaceful Living is a course run by Registered Social Worker Effie Mitskopoulos and may be covered by your extended health benefits. I have run many of these types of courses and will bring a beautiful blending of teachings of mindfulness and meditation from around the world to you in this course.

Please inquire about how this course can benefit you by contacting Effie at: soulbodyhealer@gmail.com or 705-881-6028.
For more information: www.soulbodyhealer.com/mindfulness-for-peaceful-living

Effie Mitskopolous

SoulBody Healer

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