Money Coach Certification Program for Financial Professionals

I’ve been asked a bunch of times over the years about offering a training for people to be a money coach. I’ve put it off and put it off, and I just can’t anymore.

I’ve had 3 people ask me in the past couple of months and ALL of them are already financial professionals. Like me, they have all kinds of clients who are making great money yet living paycheque-to-paycheque. They want to meet their clients where they are and assist them from there first.

So – I’m doing it! This spring, I am offering:

Money Coach Certification Program for Financial Professionals

Financial Professionals are looking for ways to help their clients create the kind of moneylife that will serve them in challenging times. When Financial Professionals first assist clients with money management, they are then better able to offer support with their core financial services.

I have space for 15 people in the program and the waiting list is filling up.

If you know a Financial Professional who might be interested, please share it with them.  If it piques your interest check it out. 😊

Thanks! I’m excited about this and I know the people who are looking for this program will find me.

All the best through this wild time.

Be well,



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