Motivation Momentum and More Money – Summer doesn’t shut down our businesses. We do!

There’s a common misconception that getting clients over the summer is virtually impossible.
Most people feel like “it’s not a good time to promote anything”,  or they think that “no one is even remotely interested in buying my services until after summer is over”.

What an interesting point of view that we have this perception…is it true?

Guess, what?  People’s Problems don’t take a vacation!

And really, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that your ideal client isn’t looking for you and your solutions.

Come learn ZEN Ways (I mean TEN ways) to help to clear out your stinkin’ thinkin’ and keep your momentum while still making time for enjoying time in the sun with your family.

Zen ways to uncover the energy of fun lurking under “all work and no play” when everyone else seems to be enjoying the many joys of summer.

Jessy Morrison and Heather Wilson combine energy work and business tools at Transformation Tuesday #6,  to help keep your momentum, & keep your energy recharged and have fun too.

Register here to join us.

Come and find out what everyone is talking about – be inspired, be motivated and be transformed!

Jessy Morrison, BodyTalk and Reiki

Grow Vantage 14

Heather Wilson, Spark Your Vitality

Grow Vantage 34

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