Need help finding extra work? Or finding people to do some work for your business?

So… I’ve been thinking about our community and how we might help one another.

I recently connected two of our people:  One needed someone to work in their business and another needed extra income aside from their business (So many of us have rising costs)

I wondered how many of our community might be helped by connecting people to each other?

  • We have common values and we have a good work ethic.


  • We might not be earning enough money right now in our business?


  • We might be finding it tough to find someone willing to work in our business

What if we could help our colleagues by filling these needs… confidentially?  

If you need some extra work, or you have a position to fill (and you need someone reliable) please email me back confidentially and we’ll try to find a match.

Someone who is looking for work right now:

One of our colleagues is looking for part-time virtual work to provide reception or admin.

How about you?

Patricia (705-229-4969, patricia@growvantage.com)

Patricia Dent

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