New Leaf Workshops Presents: New Approaches to Chronic Pain- November 29, 2016

New Leaf Workshops is a monthly event hosted by 3 mental health practitioners offering helpful tips on a variety of mental health topics from the perspective of their own specialties. Get three times the perspective to live better!

Three Expert Perspectives on:

  • The Power of Daily Mindfulness & Acceptance for Releasing Pain (with in-class chair yoga)
  • How to take Control Back from Pain
  • Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine for Pain Management

Your mental health professionals:


Dr. Ashley Nelson, ND, Grow Vantage 38

Effie Mitskopolous, MSW, RSW – SoulBody Healer, Grow Vantage 38

Lindsay Tsang, MA (Counselling) – Counsellor, Coach, Author, Grow Vantage 39

Location: Goodness Me, 79 Mapleview Dr. Barrie

Learn more at:

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