NEW model for WSIB in 2020

Are you supposed to be registered for WSIB?

(Please don’t call WSIB, call the Ontario Employer Advisor, who represent companies and do not report to WSIB)

Do you know that rules and rates are changing in 2020?

Please check the WSIB webinars/information site (see below)

With fewer businesses eligible for WSIB in the last few groups we have decided to make use of the official webinars that WSIB holds to explain the changes they are making to their framework and rates for 2020.

Here is the link to information that appears on their website:


Under this page, there are sections for how the new framework and rates will work:

  • https://www.wsib.ca/en/rate-framework-our-new-model
  • https://www.wsib.ca/en/rate-framework-how-does-our-new-model-work
  • https://www.wsib.ca/en/rate-framework-experiencing-rating-programs
  • https://www.wsib.ca/en/rate-framework-our-new-policies
  • Here is the link to register for the newsletter or webinar: https://www.wsib.ca/en/rate-framework-webinars

There are 2 choices for dates: November 6th 2019 (10-11 am), and December 4th, 2019 (10-11 am) for regular businesses and 1 date for temporary agencies: November 15th (10-11 am)

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