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CWC heading into year 4 is currently undertaking a rethink, reevaluate  and redevelopment of its core mandate as a centralized volunteer hub to one providing facilities, training, rehabilitation and placement of people with disabilities or other disadvantaged individuals into opportunities in the community where they can prosper and make a meaningful contribution.

Community Need:

There is an evident shortage of opportunities in Barrie/Simcoe for focused skills training and personal development of people with disabilities and other disadvantaged individuals who want to become volunteers and/or to begin working in the community. Service providers are working to fill the need but report they are overwhelmed by the demand for service, the lack of proper facilities, and finding and developing capable staff.

From our identified partners, to indicate their interest in supporting the concept and in providing information relative to their particular needs that can be fulfilled through partnerships with CWC.

CWC is seeking experienced, capable connected people who can work to establish parameters and direction at the board level to support and develop CWC’s ability to act as a transition point for challenged individuals to integrate into the community. Please contact Yolanda Gallo directly on her cell: 705-241-5488 or by email at



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