One of my favourite trainings is happening next week

And it only happens once a year! If you want to learn about memberships (and recurring revenue) – even if you don’t join them – the free training that Stu provides is amazing.

Do you remember the membership training by TRIBE? (Name Change coming! Membership Experience!)

Stu McLaren is a Canadian entrepreneur who has developed both amazing training – but also support in terms of a Facebook Group.

For those of you in Ask For Directions Training, you’ve been introduced to his software – another of my faves…. Searchie. It’s the software supporting the onboarding platform for Ask. (And has some cool features).

Here is his message about next week. (Fyi – although not yet official… I’m hoping to be an affiliate for the Membership Experience, and I’m already one for Searchie… simply because I believe in this approach).

Oohhhh baby!

You’re in for a real treat with the upcoming Membership Workshop.

Let me tell you why…

1) Stability in your business (and your life).

There is no escaping the fact that our world has been full of all kinds of uncertainty. But the one consistent has been the recurring revenue for those business owners with memberships.

In fact, their businesses have been BOOMING!

(it’s the reason Forbes said memberships were the #2 trend for digital marketing in 2022).

And during the workshop I will show you which membership model will make sense for your business and how to get started FAST.

2) We’re All In To Get You Results… During The Workshop

This workshop is NOT light on giving you what you need for getting results.

We pride ourselves on getting you off to a fast start.

So… that’s why I HIGHLY recommend you mark the dates on your calendar and join us live. Because if you do, you’ll get exactly what you came for.

We’ll do our part in delivering for you. And if you do your part in showing up, magical things will happen.

I’m passionate about this material because I’ve seen what a membership makes possible.

Not only that, but there are SO many people who have taken an existing consulting or coaching business — or even a brick and mortar store — to the next level thanks to their membership.

(And you’ll hear LOTS of examples during the workshop so you will see exactly how this could work for you… no matter what market you’re in!)

So there are a couple of “next steps” to prepare…

If you truly want to take advantage of this training, here’s what I recommend:

STEP #1 – Add me to your email list

Be sure to add me to your contact list so you will get my emails as we dive into the training.

If you use Gmail and find an email in the “promotions” tab, make sure you drag it to the primary tab (or your main inbox).

I don’t want you to miss out on any of the valuable content I’ll be sending out.

STEP #2 – Mark down the dates

Whip open that Google calendar or paper planner, set a reminder, and commit to showing up LIVE.

You can grab all the dates for each part and add them to your calendar right here.

Because if you stick around, you’ll soon have the exact strategy you need to jumpstart your very own online membership business…

One that lands stable, predictable, revenue in your account every single month… without burning you out.

Here’s what I’ll be sharing…

Part 1: How To Turn What You Already Know, Love, And Do Into A Profitable Membership is happening on Thursday, April 21 at 3 pm ET.

I’ll walk you through the surprisingly simple process that will TOTALLY transform your business and your life…

From stressed and time-strapped, to far more profitable and a lot more fun, while making a much greater impact in the world.

We’ll talk about how to identify if your market is a good fit for a membership, the different types of membership models and the shifts that are happening RIGHT NOW which make this the PERFECT time to gain maximum momentum.

And that’s just what I’ll cover in Part 1 on April 21st.

Did I mention that everything starts on Thursday, April 21st at 3pm ET? 🙂

Here’s the rest of the lineup…

Part 2 – Friday, April 22 at 3 pm ET
The Surprising Reasons People Join and Keep Paying Month After Month (and it’s not what you think).

Part 3 – Saturday, April 23 at 3 pm ET
My Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint For Starting (or growing) a Low-Stress, Highly-Profitable Membership.

And then…

The Membership Masterclass – Sunday, April 24 at 8 pm ET

During this live masterclass, you’ll learn the EXACT same strategy we use to help thousands of people build thriving, low-stress, online memberships around what they already know, love, and do.

If you’re ready to make those financial and freedom dreams a reality, you do NOT want to miss this membership workshop.

I am so excited for you because I know what this FREE workshop can make possible for you (we see it every year).

The good news is…

You don’t need a big email list.

Or a massive following.

And you don’t even need to be good at TECH to make this happen.

All you need is passion.

And I promise to show you how to tap into your talents, knowledge, and know-how and make your first step towards taking this membership idea from dream to reality.

So to recap…

… Mark your calendar

… Be on the lookout for more emails from me

… And be there on Thursday, April 21 at 3 pm ET for the first session because we’re doing it LIVE.

And just between us…

There will be a few surprises for those who show up live (and stick around to the end)!

See you there!


P.S. If you aren’t in my free membership and subscription Facebook group yet, click here to join me so that you can make the most of this live training series.

There is already a TON of conversation happening inside.

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