Stage 1 Opening of Business – Ontario Government supplies and guidelines

The Ontario Government is launching the Workplace PPE  Supply Portal: website: ontario.ca/PPE

Also check requirements here:

Note: Businesses must protect the health and well being of their workers

https://www.ontario.ca/page/resources-prevent-covid-19-workplace. Check for sector-based guidelines for safe opening.Saturday May 16th at 12:01 am: These businesses will be allowed to open:

Private parks


Boat clubs and Marinas
Businesses that board animals

Stage 1 opening:

Tuesday May 19th, the Province will enter Stage 1. That means:

  • Retail locations with a street entrance and using strict social distancing guidelines (4 square metres per person)
  • Certain venues: including:
    • Outdoor sports fields
    • Tennis courts
    • Off leash dog parks
    • Other pet services, including pet groomers (by appointment only),  animal shelters
    • Household services, including cleaning and maintenance,
    • Certain health and medical services, e.g. surgeries, and in-person counselling;
    • They will also allow all construction to resume.

Businesses should only open if they are ready. And this is dependent on the numbers [of COVID-19 cases].

The Premier stated that we must watch the numbers like a hawk to counter the risk of flare ups and promised they would be ready to respond to any flare ups. [Note: from Patricia: This suggests that we should be prepared to pivot back and forth between remote and in person business.

Patricia Dent

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